Get answers to your questions about Cadenshae and our breastfeeding sports bra and activewear range.

How supportive are Cadenshae’s breastfeeding sports bras? Are they suitable for high impact exercise?

With a range of Cadenshae breastfeeding sports bras available, you’ll be able to find the support you need for every level exercise or activity. Check out Which Cadenshae breastfeeding sports bra is right for me?  

What's the difference between your nursing sports bras?

-The Everyday Nursing Bra is made from our lightest, soft-touch fabric, for comfortable everyday wear. It has removable padding so you can opt to take this out or replace with nursing pads if you prefer. With slightly narrower straps than our other nursing sports bras, the Everyday Nursing Bra is suitable as a low-to medium-impact workout bra for mums who aren’t too big busted. They also make great nursing bras for everyday wear, even if you don't intend to exercise in them.

-The FIT2FEED activewear nursing bra is padded across the entire front panel to provide more support for medium-to-high-impact exercise. If you are an 18DD or larger, the FIT2FEED Bra is suitable for light exercise such as yoga, walking and lifting weights. Sizes L and XL also have extra thick 2cm wide shoulder straps for increased support and comfort while exercising.

-Our Ultimate Bra is a game-changer for mums with a bust size of DD+. Ultimate support and ultimate comfort, combined with easy access for nursing, make this the ultimate breastfeeding sports bra for any level of activity.



If I'm in between sizes am I best to go up or down a size?

BRAS - With our FiT2FEED Bras we recommend you go up a size as they are quite a firm fit. If you are looking at the Everyday Bra or Ultimate Bras, going with the smaller size will be fine.

HOODIES - We recommend you go for the larger size if you are wanting one of our hoodies. Although the activewear hoodie does have a bit of stretch to it, more so than the casual hoodie. 

BAMBOO RANGE - This range is very soft and stretchy so if you are after a firmer fit we suggest you go with the smaller size.  If you are wanting one of the casual tanks and are bigger busted we suggest going for a size up to allow for easier feeding access.

View our Size Guide here. There is also a size chart on each page next to the description, or below it if on a mobile device. 


Shipping & Returns FAQs

Do you ship internationally? YES, we do. We have a unique website set up for our different regions i.e. New Zealand, Australia, Canada and United States (which includes most other countries). You can find all our rates listed on our Shipping and Returns page. Choose your website using the drop-down at the top right of each page. 

Where do you ship from? All orders are shipped from New Zealand. The only exception to this is Canada where orders placed on the .ca version o the website will be shipped domestically. 

How long will it take to receive my item/s? If you live in NZ it will normally take around 1-2 working days, if you live overseas it can take anywhere from 2-10 working days depending on your location.

What do I do if my shipment hasn't arrived within the given time frame?

If your parcel is late arriving and you are an international customer, please follow the steps below to ensure your goodies are found as soon as possible. 

**NOTE** Please allow 10 working days for ALL International deliveries, not including the day your order was placed. 

1. Ring your local post provider and use the reference number given in your shipment email. 

2.  If they can not help you, please email us at [email protected] and quote your order number found in your confirmation email, as well as the NAME the order was placed under. Please also confirm with us if you have already contacted your local post provider or not. It is sometimes very difficult for us to track parcels from this end. Our providers then have to call your providers etc which takes extra time, this is why we suggest you try to contact them from your end first. 

3. We will then ring our postal provider and gather more information about your order and respond to you as quickly as possible. Please keep in mind that once we lodge an inquiry it can take up to 3 days for us to hear back from them. We WILL contact you as soon as we have anymore information on your order. 

We will always endeavour to get your parcels to you ASAP. We pack and ship out on a daily basis so rest assured your order is on its way to you!!!


Can I return my item if it doesn’t fit me or I don’t like it? YES, of course, you can. See returns policy for all the details.