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PERFECT Hoodie :) LOVE IT! :) by Cathy on 06/18/2018

Bliss! :) This is just sooooo comfortable :) And soooooooo awesome to wear! :) Feel sooooo good in it :) EXCELLENT quality :) And i will be wearing this ALOT! :) I am soooooooo HAPPY with my purchases :) Finally finding maternity gear that actually looks awesome aswell as feeling awesome :) Could not recommend highly enough! :) And what a great price for something that makes you feel sooooooo good when going threw sooo many physical changes :) BEST shopping experience i have EVER had buying from Cadenshae :) I really am seriously blown away by this whole experience :) Massively HAPPY :)

THE BEST! :) I am beyond HAPPY :) by Cathy on 06/18/2018

These leggings are sooooooooooo good! :) I live in my sports leggings when i can. But when they started getting tight and cutting into my tummy i started looking for Maternity leggings = only to keep coming across terrible daggy baggy looking stuff! As soon as i found Cadenshae and decided to purchase a few things EVERYTHING went AMAZIINGLY! Customer service = A+ How quickly it all went = A+ The quality of everything = A+ I am just BLOWN AWAY! :) I will be walking around in my awesome gear feeling happy comfortable and confident :) These are just my FAV new thing :) BEST purchase :) I will be living in these :) :) :) Highly recommend to all :) :) :)

Brilliant Bra by Tania on 06/18/2018

The ultimate bra is fantastic Supportive and comfortable and allows me to teach dancing and aerobics and feed my little man easily. Wish I’d known about these products with my first two. I’ve definitely been buying a lot :-)

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME :) by Cathy on 06/18/2018

Yaaaaaaaaay! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE these :) Fit like a glove :) Legs feel FANTASTIC :) And will be wearing them threw out pregnancy aswell as after :) Super supportive :) I thought i would be size small but ended up being XS and exchanging went without a hitch! This all went quicker than you could imagine! I have never been soooooo impressed with a shopping experience = and online too! AMAZING!!!!! So nice to walk around feeling comfortable confident and happy in Maternity gear! Thank goodness for the fact its all awesome looking Maternity gear too = this company is just the BEST! :) Highly recommend these leggings aswell as buying from Cadenshae :)

Love It! by Nicole on 06/18/2018

This is a perfect hoodie for layering over the Cadenshae long sleeve top to keep you snug in Winter. Love the material. Super stretchy and flattering when worn.

SUPER HAPPY :) AMAZING Quality :) by Cathy on 06/18/2018

I am soooooooooo HAPPY with this Bra :) I ordered a few things off Cadenshae for my 1st time ever and i could NOT believe how well it all went! Nikki is just the BEST!!!!! :) She replaced a few sizes with no worries at all and it was quicker than you would believe! Above and beyond BEST customer service EVER! :) This Bra is soooooo GOOD! :) Soooo supportive :) My posture even improves with this Bra on! I just Can't believe it! :) Soooooooo happy :) :) :) And feel very confident = which is how you want to feel when your bosy is going threw all kinds of things! :) HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!! :)

EXCELLENT BRA :) by Cathy on 06/18/2018

I am sooooooo HAPPY :) I am just super impressed by how this whole online purchasing went! BEST experience i have ever had! Beats going into the shops = mucking around. And the quality of all my items brought are AMAZING! This Bra is sooooooooo cool! :) Great that you can wear it under normal dresses/singlets etc aswell as racer back. Its sooooo comfy and supportive :) And styley at the same time :) I am seriously blown away and can't speak highly enough of Cadensahe range :)

AMAZING!!!!! by Cathy on 06/18/2018

BEST quality Bra ever! :) I am already wearing this and only just in my second trimester! Makes me feel soooooooo supported and comfortable. I could not be happier :) As everyone knows there are soooo many things going on during pregnancy that the coolest thing is finding an online company as AMAZING as cadenshae = which makes everything soooooo easy! Its just soooo wonderful! I am blown away by service, Quality of items, and how i can walk around feeling happy (with happy boobs) :) :) :) BEST experience buying things! Couldn't recommend highly enough! :)

Best Workout Bra Ever! by Laura on 06/18/2018

After scouring the internet for workout nursing bras suitable for big-chested women, I came across Cadenshae. I ordered two ultimate bras, and I love them! I am in the United States and wear a 36G while nursing (I ordered the 14 - glad I ordered that instead of the 16 because it fits perfectly). I am currently nursing my third (have nursing for over 30 months) and just wish I had come across this company sooner. I have pretty much resolved that I need to spend some good $$ to get a good quality bra (even when not nursing), so while the price seems steep, I believe I got a good value. I wear this bra as an everyday bra as well. Thanks for a great product!

You wont want to wear any other bra by Emma on 06/18/2018

This bra is so supportive and comfy!

Cadenshae Ltd is ranked 4.8 out of 5. Based on 452 user reviews.